#14 Xact-Fit Cockring 2-Pack - Black  10,95
#16 Xact-Fit Cockring 2-Pack - Black  10,95

Each 2-Pack contains 2 size #15 Xact-Fit™ rings.

The incredibly popular PlayZone has proven our revolutionary Xact-Fit™ 2.5mm (0.1″) incremental cock ring sizing system is the most precise on the market. Super strong, but soft to the touch, Xact-Fit™ rings stretch just enough to get on and off, but otherwise should provide a very comfortable (no pulled pubes!) and effective fit. The sizing # references the ID in inches (#10 = 1.0″ ID, #11=1.1″ ID etc)

All 14 Xact-Fit™ rings sizes are now available in single size 2-packs. 3 Ring Kits of M, L, XL and Mixed are also available.

Don’t know your size? We recommend you start with the Play Zone Kit, which features 9 incrementally sized Xact-Fit™ rings on a bright orange mini traffic cone.

Each Xact-Fit ring is stamped with its size so no more guessing! Stack the rings for additional fun.

76 op voorraad



76 op voorraad


Gewicht 45,00 g
Afmetingen 15,00 × 9,50 × 9,50 cm







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