5X Vibrating & E-Stim Silicone Dildo + Remote  193,95
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5X Vibrating & E-Stim Silicone Egg + Remote

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18 op voorraad

Vibrating and E-Stim Silicone Egg + Remote Control

An Egg Designed For Easy Electro-Play
This textured Silicone Egg hides an electrifying secret! Indulge and enjoy the unique sensation of electro-play in a hassle-free toy that doesn’t require a seperate power box or wires, giving you a quick way to enjoy electrical stimulation as soon as the mood strikes. Perfect for solo or partner play – use this E-Stim egg as a traditional vibrator and turn on the electric shocks to tingle your insides or outsides!

Enjoy 3 shocking intensities and 2 shocking patterns alongside 3 vibration intensities and 2 vibration patterns for a diverse collection of combinations for you to explore. Enjoy the vibration and shocking functions independently or simultaneously – the included wireless controller includes a large display to show which vibration and shocking functions is currently active so you can easily find what works for you or your lover.

The super plush silicone exterior is addictingly soft and feature slight ridges to add extra bite to its vibes and shocks. The silicone is also phthalate-free, latex-free, and body safe so you can shock and vibe worry free! The handy pull-cord makes it easy to insert this egg into your partner to shock them from the inside – simply pull the cord to extract this silicone egg vibe when you think they’ve had enough.

This E-Stim egg is is rechargeable via the included USB cable, and compatible with water based lubes only.


Gewicht 208,00 g
Afmetingen 20,30 × 12,40 × 12,40 cm





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