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9.0 Ultra Wrap Ring  14,95

Using a special molding process, our premium silicone material is finished with an ultra-premium silicone spray finish that reduces hair grab. The rings don’t look imposing, but can provide both a gentle or aggressive level of restriction – simply add or reduce the number of wraps.
On each package, you’ll find an approximation of the wraps attainable for each cord length to achieve functional restriction. Of course, the longer the ring, the more tension range available. In trials, all 4 sizes were worn by our testers, and a customer could use all sizes in their play depending on mood and circumstance – in other words, there is no right size. It simply comes down to what you’re looking to achieve at the moment.
We have made over a million SilaSkin™ products. This fantastic material is our own proprietary blend of TPR and silicone – only available from Perfect Fit. Legendary in its silky softness, resilience, and comfort it is a customer favorite for soft cock rings and ball stretchers. XPlay Gear is Perfect Fit Brand Inc.’s most innovative, highly engineered designs. These innovative designs are intended for early adopters, sexual athletes and explorers. Beginners will also benefit if they take the time to learn how to use them effectively. These aren’t your typical “sex toys." As a matter of fact, we prefer the term “sex gear" – equipment to make what you do easier, better and safer.

314 op voorraad



314 op voorraad


Gewicht 20,00 g
Afmetingen 133,00 × 101,00 × 101,00 cm







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