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7X Dark Chain Rechargeable Remote Silicone Sound

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10 op voorraad

Dark Chain – Oplaadbare Siliconen Utheral Sounding

Snake these small, silky, silicone beads down your sensitive shaft and enjoy the ride! The small but eighty beads that make up this urethral sounding chain are bound to give you shivers. Choose between the 4 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration giving you a total of 28 different options. Use the battery operated remote control to change the vibe settings, or hand to a partner to double your fun!
Use a water based, sterile lubricant on the premium silicone beads as you slide them in. Play with different vibration patterns and settings as you slip in each small bead. Stroke your shaft as you slowly edge yourself to full release and satisfaction. Remove the chain slowly before ejaculation and enjoy the deep tease.
Sterilize and clean the toy with warm soap, antibacterial water and toy cleaner before and after each use. Allow silicone toy to fully dry and use only with compatible lubes. Do not ejaculate with the sound still inserted. Recharge vibrator using USb cable provided and replace the remote control battery as needed.


Gewicht 344,00 g
Afmetingen 28,00 × 16,00 × 16,00 cm





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