BIOglide Cherry - 80 ml  10,95
AQUAglide 2 in 1 - 125 ml  13,95

BIOglide safe – with carrageenan
BIOglide safe with carrageenan – the safe variant, which can protect against human papillomavirus (HPV) infections. This sexually transmitted virus can lead to cervical cancer and genital warts in women. Carrageenan, a high-quality ingredient, can prevent the virus from attaching itself to human cells. Carrageenan acts as a natural barrier.
The highest standards apply to love as well as to organic products. 100% natural and vegan BIOglide has been specially developed to gently support vaginal moisture.
The silky moisturizing, colourless and oil-free BIOglide lets your love life bloom.
With BIOglide you will experience a carefree sexuality in a pleasant way. The “Natural Product -Standard approved by BDiH” ensures that BIOglide meets the high requirements of the organic market.

21 op voorraad



21 op voorraad


Gewicht 130,00 g
Afmetingen 14,10 × 3,70 × 3,70 cm






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