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Gvibe Gegg is a premium TPE reusable egg masturbator designed to give penis pleasure. Offering unique textures never seen before in a sex toy like this. G-egg is soft and smooth on the outside but embossed and textured on the inside. 3D edges create intense sensations, massaging every inch of the head and shaft. The increased elasticity of premium silicone makes using this sleeve super comfortable and pleasurable.
The masturbator is ideal for solo play, steamy foreplay, and partnered fun. Stimulation with this toy can be combined with oral sex, hand jobs, or petting. The unique textures of the masturbator increase the sensitivity, leading to new unusual sensations and a brilliant climax!

119 op voorraad



119 op voorraad


Gewicht 50,00 kg
Afmetingen 10,00 × 7,00 × 7,00 cm


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