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Klauwuitbreidende Doorzichtige Dilatator

16 op voorraad



16 op voorraad

Klauwuitbreidende Doorzichtige Dilatator

This intense anal claw will open you up like nothing else, giving your partner a whole new view of your ass! Pinch all four wedges together for a more manageable penetration. Once past your sphincter, this unique plug will expand, opening your insides up! The clear material and an opening at the base of the plug allows your partner to peer into your anal depths, or even fill you up with a dildo, an enema, or whatever your filthy minds come up with! The phthalate-free material is firm, yet flexible and will press against all the right spots inside you. Enjoy with silicone or water-based lube and clean with mild soap and warm water.


Gewicht 191,00 g
Afmetingen 19,90 × 8,20 × 8,20 cm





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