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Laser Fuck Me Small Anal Plug w/ Remote Control

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1 op voorraad

Laser Fuck Me – Butt Plug met Afstandsbediening – Klein

Send a message and extend an invitation with this red, laser light that projects the words “Fuck Me". Once you’ve chosen a vibration pattern, the light flashes in time with the pulsing vibration! Choose from 4 different speeds and 7 different patterns. Use the remote control to change the settings without having to reach back to your derriere.
The tapered end makes the plug easy to insert and the smooth, velvety premium-grade silicone is body safe and feels pleasant upon entry. The flexible neck near the bottom of the flanged base bends so that you can move freely without uncomfortable resistance.
To recharge, simply plug in the USB charger. After use, clean with warm water and soap and let thoroughly dry. Only use with water or oil based lubricants.


Gewicht 194,00 g
Afmetingen 20,50 × 12,50 × 12,50 cm





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