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Mag´netik is a new line of products based on an active ingredient from NUEI called PherofeelTM. This product responds to the market demand for new products with pheromones to intensify physical attraction and desire.

Created from herbal ingredients and Ayurvedic medicinal plants, PHEROFEELTM for him and PHEROFEELTM for her are a combination of active ingredients designed with the aim of increasing the sensation of attraction and sexual desire. They act as an enhancer in the production of the male pheromone androstadienone and to emulate female pheromones of the copulin type.

PHEROFEELTM is a registered trademark of NUEI Cosmetics of the Night, proven effective and that you will not find in other products.

MAG´NETIK for Her is a feminine perfume with PHEROFEELTM. Floral base with touches fruity and sweet, lily, freesia and sandalwood background. An intense perfume designed for seduction. Thanks to its concentration in PHEROFEELTM, MAG´NETIK aims to accentuate female attractiveness and empowerment, based on its active ingredients that mimic copulins (female pheromones that impact male testosterone production).

MAG´NETIK for her is the only men´s cologne on the market that includes PHEROFEELTM for her, exclusive to NUEI. Efficacy study shows increased testosterone in male volunteers when compared to other placebo products. Its concentration of plant ingredients combined with PHEROFEELTM increases the duration of the colony on the skin. Apply two or three sprays on the skin.

This product has been subjected to safety controls and has been notified to the European Union commission, according to the requirements of EU regulation No. 1223/2009.

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14 op voorraad


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