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Pink Rose Gold Medium Anal Plug

69 op voorraad



69 op voorraad

Butt Plug – Medium

Enjoy this gorgeous rose-gold anal plug topped with a delicate, pink flower! Treat your booty like a shrine and adorn it with the most beautiful plug for your own delicate, pink flower. The nickel-free aluminium has a comfortable weight that pulls gently down against your backdoor.
Play with temperature and sensations by heating or cooling the plug in hot or cold water before insertion. The tapered end and smooth metal make insertion easy and comfortable.
Use any type of lubricant with this plug and enjoy both the look and feel of this beautiful plug! After use, simply wash with warm water and antibacterial soap and then dry with a soft cloth.


Gewicht 120,00 g
Afmetingen 7,80 × 5,70 × 5,70 cm





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