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Inspire new sparks to fly in the bedroom when you whip out your pack of Fifty Shades playing cards. Emblazoned with confidence-boosting quotes from the books, each card boasts a sexy phrase and instruction for you and your partner to explore together.

“Game on, Miss Steele.” – Fifty Shades Freed

Designed like a standard deck, there are 52 cards and four classic Fifty Shades suits: the Key, the Tie, the Cuffs and the Ring. But these are much more than your average playing cards – each features a bold phrase to help you master the art of dirty talk.

Explore three suggested ways to play, use them to create a script for that role play you’ve been dying to try, or simply take turns drawing cards and acting out the instructions. You could even use them to turn any of your favourite classic card games into X-rated versions.

And to really make things wild, there are blank Joker cards so you and your partner can add your own ideas.

4 op voorraad



4 op voorraad


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Afmetingen 11,00 × 4,50 × 4,50 cm






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