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Processierups Gel – 50ml

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192 op voorraad

Processierups Gel – 50ml

First aid to remove the stinging hairs with the processionary caterpillar roller. When you come into contact with the stinging hairs of a processionary caterpillar, it is wise to first roll over the skin with the adhesive roller. If you have the option, you should rinse the skin as much as possible after this. When itching, it is unwise to rub over the skin, as the stinging hairs are spread further in this way. After rinsing, dab the skin dry and then apply the processional caterpillar ointment to the skin. Warning: For external use only. Do not apply to the nose, eyes, wounds or damaged skin. Keep out of the reach of small children. Store in a cool,dark place. To prevent further irritation, it is advisable to thoroughly wash the clothes that you were wearing during contact with the caterpillar. The ointment nourishes, cools and soothes the skin from irritation after contact with the stinging hairs of the processionary caterpillar. The oak processionary caterpillar (thaumetopoea processionea) is the caterpillar of a moth that can be found on oak trees in May, June and July and that searches for food: oak leaves, in groups, at night. The caterpillars shed several times and at some point get microscopic stinging hairs. They cause complaints in both humans and animals such as itching, skin rashes, irritation of the eyes or the respiratory tract. Directions for use: First rinse the skin thoroughly with water and dab dry (do not rub). Then move the PharmQuests adhesive roller over the skin to remove any remaining hairs. After this, apply the processionary gel lightly massaging it into the irritated skin, making it absorb quickly. Repeat the operation if necessary.


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