Crunchy Masturbator Egg  6,76
BS Black Heart Gem Anal Plug - Large  39,95

Introducing a new Satisfyer innovation, the EGGCITED series, a collection of masturbator eggs for the modern man.

These flexible, one-time use, masturbator eggs are made entirely of Hydro-Active TPE, meaning there is no need for lube – simply moisten with a splash of water for a new realistic sensation! Feel EGGCITED differently each time by trying the diverse available internal structures: Riffle, Bubble, Naughty, Crunchy, Savage, Fierce.

While EGGCITED can be used in the bath or shower because it is waterproof, it can get slippery due to the highly flexible Hydro-Active TPE. Perfect for beginners, this revolutionary technology allows users to achieve peak penile stimulation and stretch the product sensually across the shaft.

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26 op voorraad



26 op voorraad


Gewicht 55,00 kg
Afmetingen 6,80 × 5,20 × 5,20 cm


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