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Set Pols- en Enkelboeien

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4 op voorraad

Set Pols- en Enkelboeien

Get kinky with this Wrist and Ankle Cuff Set! The straps are fully adjustable and are padded for your comfort. Made with vegan-friendly, faux leather, the PU leather straps are comfortable and perfect for long-term wear during scenes. Each of the cuffs have a metal D-ring that the 2 metal chains attach to. All metal is nickel-free. Spot clean the set with a toy cleaner and a soft cloth.
Invite your lover to try something new and present them with this ankle and cuff set! After they’ve gotten comfortable, lovingly guide them into a submissive position as you place the cuffs around each of their wrists and ankles. Take your time playing with binding their wrists together, their ankles together, and then switching it up so wrists are attached to ankles, and their legs open wide! Enjoy this simple and elegant set that enhances any kinky scene!


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Afmetingen 14,50 × 9,50 × 9,50 cm





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