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Spread XL Labia Spreader Straps

14 op voorraad



14 op voorraad

Spread XL – Schaamlippen Spreidriem

Adjustable pressure clamps and straps, fully adjustable Spread em wide! This Extra Large Labia Spreader is designed to open your lovers vagina and put their sensitive parts on display for your enjoyment. The adjustment screws found on each clamp let you control the clamping pressure with ease, while the straps themselves can be customized to fit most leg and waist sizes.
Perfect for humiliation play, bondage, and bedroom BDSM. Restrain your lover and attach this spreader strap to their sensitive lips to expose their hole for further teasing and pleasing! The firm pinch from this spreader increases sensitivity, especially for those with a submission kink.
Spread your lover nice and wide in comfort! The straps are velvet lined and easy on the skin, while the rubber tips on each clamp prevents discomfort as they press on the sensitive areas of your partner.


Gewicht 122,00 g
Afmetingen 14,00 × 10,00 × 10,00 cm





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