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SR POP Display Condoms and Lotions

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Condoms & Lotions – Display

Maximize Your Space, Maximize Your Profits!
We proudly present the Shelf-n-Shop System, an all-inclusive merchandising solution that will turn any wall into an instant profit center. The Shelf-n-Shop System will revolutionize the way you merchandise your retail store by taking the guesswork out of creating eye-catching retail displays. This inexpensive in-store system includes all the shelves, hardware, graphics, 3D signage, products, and testers you need to turn your ordinary wall into a high-profit destination. Don’t worry about installing difficult wall skins that can damage your slatwall—the non-permanent Shelf-n-Shop System can be moved around and customized to fit your retail space. All products and materials are shipped conveniently in a single box for easy setup, making installation a breeze in less than five minutes. Try our Shelf-n-Shop System today and watch the products fly off the shelves!

System Icludes:
24 Condom 12-Packs
24 Bottles of Lubricant
18 Soak N’ Stroke – 8 oz.
1 Sir Richard’s 3D Header Sign
1 Backer Card
1 Retail Shelf
4 Metal Shelf Brackets

Product Styles Included With This System:
SR12C – Condoms – Ultra Thin – 12ct. (x6)
SR22C – Condoms – Classic Ribbed – 12ct. (x6)
SR42C – Condoms – Extra Large – 12ct. (x6)
SR52C – Condoms – Collection – 12ct. (x6)
SR1021 – Better Than Spit – Water-Based Lubricant – 3.4 oz. (x6)
SR1022 – Better Than Spit – Water-Based Lubricant – 8.5 oz. (x6)
SR1024 – Much Better Than Spit – Silicone-Based Lubricant – 3.4 oz. (x6)
â?‹SR1025 – Much Better Than Spit – Silicone-Based Lubricant – 8.5 oz. (x6)
SR1030 – Soak N Stroke – Rub It Out – Shower Masturbation Cream – 8 oz.(x6)
SR1031 – Soak N Stroke – Tug It Out – Silicone Masturbation Polish – 8 oz.(x6)
SR1032 – Soak N Stroke – Beat It Out – Shower Masturbation Gel – 8 oz.(x6)


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