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The range of products Oh! Holy Mary based on Cannabis expands with the incorporation of a new and innovative lubricant specifically designed for anal practices.

Anal sex, in its multiple typologies (annilingus, prostate massage, penetration, pegging, fisting, …) is one of the fastest growing practices among all types of audiences, regardless of their sexual orientation.

This type of practice requires extra lubrication, since the anus does not lubricate naturally, and also needs to take into account other considerations that allow anal sex to be practiced in a healthy, safe and pleasant way. Among these considerations, the ability to relax the area to facilitate dilation stands out. The anal lubricant Oh! Holy Mary Anal Gel is the answer to a growing demand for a long-lasting lubricant for anal practices, which helps to relax and dilate, is based on natural ingredients and does not contain silicones.

A highly specialized product with differential features that delights fans of anal sex and becomes the perfect ally for those who want to get initiated.

Feel the power of Cannabis in a unique and different formula!

110 op voorraad



110 op voorraad


Gewicht 110,00 g
Afmetingen 4,20 × 4,20 × 4,20 cm






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